“Having Messi as a teammate is a privilege for me”

Sergio Ramos and Leo Messi are colleagues. A few years ago, no one thought this would be the case due to the intense rivalry between their previous clubs. But now, the two players are winning and even scoring together at PSG.

“Having Messi as a teammate is a privilege for me. I don’t need to congratulate him. Everyone knows what he is like, I hope he continues in this way”, said the Spanish defender to ‘ESPN’.

The ex-Real Madrid centre back knows just how much quality Messi has as a player. The Argentine was awarded with the man of the match prize for his recent performance in the Trophee des Champions.

Ramos was not the only one to praise Messi. Marquinhos, the Brazilian, also spoke highly of the Argentine, despite the two being feirce rivals when it comes to international football.

“Messi was very comfortable in his favoured position. I think the coach knew where best to put the players and this was proven by everyone’s performance, as much with Ney as with Leo”, he claimed.

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